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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 25, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from delhi and i'm going to battle begins the tough task of building a government despite suffering historical losses germany's chancellor reminded the country's political parties that they all have a responsibility to form a stable government to hold talks with form
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a coalition partners the social democrats though it looks likely she will end up working with two other parties with little income and then there's this is too delighted i'm sorry again but our view is we need new policies one million foreign people have been brought into this country and they are taking a present this country away from us. they have to you does not want this you have been elected to address these policies head on how the far right and to ever going to i have to use that first news conference since that stunning election result to promise a shake up in german politics. i'm still going to welcome to the program well germany's election campaign was often characterized as dull but the results are proving to be anything but the mass circulation belt newspapers even talking about a political earthquake i'm going to makeover will stay. as chancellor got her cd
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you and the cd you and the other big party and i are going coalition they social democrats have suffered the start of losses on the far right after you're celebrating major gains that have earned them seats in parliament for the first time a chance that needs to form a new coalition to move forward the social democrats have already rolled out a partnership saying that they will be in opposition but the chancellor is keeping her options open. having exploratory talks with the f.t.v. and the green party but also with the s p d. because i believe it is important that germany have a strong this stable home and government i have the money heard what the s.p. disposition is but i believe it's important to stay in a dialogue and this was also. the belief by next fall. so a bad night for germany's conservatives and for the social democrats and big wins
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for the far right so let's take a closer look at the results and we'll start with the big parties there's a cd you in it thirty three percent in the s. and p d twenty and a half left party are nine point two percent in the greens they had a good night eight point nine percent of the f.t.p. back in the bundestag or if ten point seven percent of the votes but the year there were no history in the making there with the far right or a f.t. straight in to the bundestag on twelve just over twelve and a half percent between them the others managed to five percent so who was up and who was down. it has been an appalling night for the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. historic losses which we'll talk about very shortly with our chief political correspondent left party and the greens there you see in the middle up just over
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between a half and just over half a percent of the big plus story they had for the f.t.p. back in the in the bundestag their vote up by nearly six percent over last year and the a.f.d. in for the first time where they are just under eight percent so. what does that mean then in terms of seats right here is how it all. spills out so we have the c.d.u. there in black in red we have the the s.t.p. . pink or magenta the left part of the greens in green and the yellow remember those colors are actually yellow and green green for the greens and yellow for the f.t.p. they're going to be significant when we start talking about jamaica later and the air a f they are ninety four seats so that's the way the new
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german parliament is going to look let's talk about likely coalitions well the coalition that ruled germany previously led by the cd use c s u and in coalition with them were the s.p.d. if that were to be repeated this time around well that would give angela merkel a comfortable majority the s.p.d. have said they will not do it so everyone is talking about jamaica why because if you bring in the great the black of the c.d.u. and c.s.u. you bring in the green of the greens and you bring in the yellow of the f d a those are the colors the national colors of jamaica that is the coalition that people think is most likely to be assembled however today at the f.t.p.'s press conference they said was just think about it whereas the the greens said that they were very much in favor of seeing what can be done that's true through this with the w.'s chief political correspondent melinda crane welcome bill and let's
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start then with the talk about coalitions s.t.p. last night rule themselves out so now we're various all this talk about this jamaica coalition given that the s.t.p. was so definitive about this last night why is i'm going to merkel today still talking. about calling them and going into negotiations well she basically wants to explore every possible option she might have we heard in that sound bite from her earlier she's interested in forming a stable and strong government if she runs into difficulties with the two parties that you mentioned the business friendly free democrats and the green party environmental party she may well wish that she had an alternative and it would be unwise to rule anything out with at least without at least trying but i think there's also a lot of tactics in this her bargaining position clearly is weaker if she has only
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one alternative and house to go to the greens and the free democrats if she can at least claim look you know i'm going to talk to the s.p.d. who knows maybe they'll change their minds she has a little bit more leverage a little bit. and so those two potential coalition partners the difficulties there seem to be that they don't get on the greens in the f.d.p. true certainly during the election campaign there were some very nasty remarks made on both sides about the respective other party particularly coming from the environmentally minded greens who rather harshly attacked the free democrats they disagree on some points that are pretty important both for any potential coalition and also perhaps for a lot of our viewers abroad one of those points is policy toward russia the free democrats leader christian the nurse young thirty eight year old who has shot up
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rising star he has said some rather friendly or at least pragmatic things about policy toward russia in the past saying maybe it's time to turn the page on ukraine and so on now that may have been election tactics we don't know but that's one area where those two parties and the christian democrats probably would not agree another way. on is policy on the european union there are some big differences there between the greens and the free democrats free democrats have been somewhat euro skeptic they do not want a lot of closer integration they would not for extents want to see uncle americal start making deals with french president emanuel. for example to put an e.u. finance minister into place at least that's what they said till now again there may have been some tactics there they may have been trying to siphon off e.u. skeptics support from the alternative for germany the far right party that is now going to be entering parliament may have been trying to break off some of those who
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are euro skeptics who were supporting that party maybe they're going to come around certainly business finds the european union and further integration very very important and their clients are businessmen those are their main supporters so there may be some room for overlap but it won't be easy it's going to take a long time and they're going to be very tough negotiations let's see if only the social the democrats talking to the wise about their future they seem to believe their future lies in opposition rather than government is their leader most in shields you know. in a democracy it is perhaps the opposition that has more decisive powers in the government because it is the opposition that shows the government what it's doing wrong it's the opposition that must show the government what alternatives there are to do that you've got to be well organized and have a cohesive program and staff which we do. linda
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crane so social democrats still the second largest party in the bundestag but despite that this has been a disastrous result for them absolutely this is a historical turning point they and the christian democrats used to be called folks part-i and parties of the people that was because of their mass broad base of support these are parties that used to get over forty percent of the vote now they're down to half of that it is a disaster for them he was trying to put a good face on it they're saying you know opposition is actually a source of strength the fact is many many of that party supporters want to be an opposition they do not want to enter coalition government again because the junior partner in a coalition is at a structural disadvantage even if they get important planks of their platform through and the s.p.d. did that in the last four years it's invisible for the voters the voters attribute successes to the grand coalition on the whole and they don't see any profile on the
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part of the junior partner chief political correspondent and a great and i we thank you. so there you have big news story. of this election has been the i have to be there after he held the national news conference this morning and there was drama that no one expected as one of the main leaders for petrie said that she would not take a seat in public for the i have to say and then left the stage. just one last word because i think on a day like this we should be open to the fact that there is also sometimes disagreement within our own party. and we must not be silent on this because you have to if i said we're supporting it opened at eight thirty in twenty thirteen and until twenty fifteen i don't want to be a part of government as fast as possible it is still my ambition mights. some people have called us and i kissed. i was kind of you know and this might mean that
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people always thought we'd be ok as an opposition but people don't really expect that we could be in government this is not what i want i want. to be a part of government. i want to pursue a conservative they are politic. after a long concentrations i have decided that i personally will not be a part of the a.v. parliamentary group and the german born us harker. and please. i ask for your kind understanding not sure ask any questions about this and i will be available in the entrance hall if people ask questions there you know i think my colleagues here on the parliament on this podium and now i'm going to leave the room thank you. but all. those. of you with the newspaper if you will follow i don't think this is very fact behavior let's just go with it's not
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really fair reason we fear journalists who are using this podium after the federal press conference and then you just disappear. so ten minutes. after roe getting elected to the bonus talk of the first time an already fractionating has started so what's going on then with the f.t. if you look at a map and i tell you if you have to go to d w dot com we have a whole series of interactive maps where one of the really interesting amounts will show you where the f.t.'s votes were concentrated and you find a lot of them in the east of germany t w correspondent fabio fonda mark is in the eastern city of dresden welcome fabia the if needed especially well there in saxony where you are as i was saying and indeed in other eastern german states yes that's true i mean. twenty one percent in the east of germany which is twice as
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much as they had in the west and here interesting where i am this is the capital of the state of sex and the and in sex and even turned out to be the biggest party with twenty seven percent and grayson is also an interesting point because this is where the picky movement and movement met every monday and there's a movement as openly supported the a.f.d. and is now and tonight celebrating the success in their eyes of the a.f.d. so what is it about the east of germany or perhaps what is it about the f.t. that chimes so much with voters in the east of germany. it is of course as always a mixture of reasons really one explanation is always the economic situation it is still a bit worse than the rest of germany but if you ask if the voters more than seventy percent would say that they are happy with their economical situation so this
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condrey to be the reason there are also cultural reasons that are more important people are unhappy dissatisfied with modernization with globalization they have a similar mindset as people as voters for example of donald trump in the us they are not happy with women rights with multiculturalism and then the biggest boost for this party for they came in really with the refugee policy of anglo-american some here are only worried as they're called worried citizens but there they are when they are when you ask them they're worried that germany couldn't cope with the sheer number of people that came from different countries from different cultures but then there's also a big percentage of those voters that are simply and openly racist and xenophobic one of the the west where there was at a particular part to the sorts of people the sorts of issues who are voting for the f.t.
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west in germany. i think the cultural and and societal explanation that i have just delivered this anti-globalization anti elite feeling that is even more important in the west in the east this is you know far big problem that was explained again and again also by the communist past i mean twenty eight years ago the fall this was a communist country the wall came down twenty eight years before and in this time there are people lived here in quite close society they had no experience with people from other cultures that is one of the explanations but also political reasons many say that the politicians here didn't deal enough with the problem of rising xenophobia in the east and germany have probably on the phone the mark thank you so much. as you can imagine the outcome of germany said action has been watched keen on the world particularly by germany's european neighbors
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a lot more on that from our correspondent in brussels in just a second first let's hear what some people in the streets of paris have been saying about this result and the biggest concern seems to be the rise of the right. in one way or another they are paying a bit for the fact that publish them is rising because michael except people coming from syria. and people are worried. but unfortunately it's a trend we're seeing across europe. i think it's a trend that if you look what happened united states you look at some other places i think there's a growing dissatisfaction i think with. i guess mainstream politics in general so i'm a little undecided whether it's about that in germany is seen to be a huge backlash huge maybe too strong a word but a backlash through the refugees and some of those issues let's go to europe that
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doubles correspondent to go matters joins us from brussels welcome georg so marine le pen is happy i have to say success lots of people are concerned what might they have to use gains here in germany maine for the a year. the a of aim has been from the outset when the party was founded been very euro skeptic they've distanced themselves a little bit from the idea of leaving europe altogether and they are only for leaving the euro so the common currency in europe they're also against a common defense policy something that lately has gathered momentum among the majority of member states and particularly and i think that was one of the key reasons to explain their rise in these elections they are against the relocation of refugees throughout europe they are against sort of if you want lifting the burden off the countries in the south of europe who have
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a lot of refugees and relocating them through the rest of europe and that will be an interesting policy field let's say let's bear in mind that the a.f.p. in german in the german born star so in the german parliament is completely isolated so all of these ideas will have almost zero political impact other than being raised in the deep debate which will be something new but on a larger scale it will be interesting to see how this plays out because it will mean that either angle america will shift a little bit more to the right or it will mean that america's patients with the countries who have shown a lack of solidarity regarding the refugee crisis is now over it's payback time and she will insist that these countries follow the european rules and by these rules they are applied to take in refugees what would be an interesting reaction now that germany has joined a seemingly glued growing list of countries in which. populism and right wing
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extremism seems to be. on the march. populism and right wing extremism has been on the rise for some time now in europe it's starting out in one thousand nine hundred ninety one with far right wing party here and here in belgium but as of lately we've seen gains in the netherlands where the far right wing party and when we look towards austria which there will have elections in a couple of weeks there it looks likely that a far right wing party will even make it into government because the grand coalition there has announced its end and the then governing party which is likely to be conservatives will need a coalition partner and that of course if you look through out the twenty eight countries is a massive concern for all the established party because it while fragmentation amongst parties increases it is these parties these populist parties on the far
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right that gather more and more momentum and a lot of these countries have been looking towards the u.k. and seen what you keep a small right wing party in the u.k. has managed regarding bracks it pushing the other parties and will remain to be seen to what extent the a if the will actually manage to shift the debate inside the german. parliament in germany towards the right but there's an interesting political domino effect here isn't there as those parties even though they are not running countries but as their influence in their domestic at home grows and the number of countries where they are influential grows so those governments have to take keep an eye on them change their policies accordingly and then that must affect the way they view europe and things like the migration crisis. that's right phil and if. i think your analysis is correct to the
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extent that there is a self-perpetuating element here that. these parties have even tried to team up throughout europe now the french election and the dutch elections have sort of slowed down that that momentum and now you could say that the era of populism is sort of back with that rise of the right in germany so they are gathering a bit of momentum again but we had a chance to get a firsthand reaction from jon gruden to the head of the european commission and he said let's bear in mind that the parties in germany and throughout europe there are strong democratic parties there's a huge consensus. on the democratic and liberal values that keep up this club of member states and there's also an interesting tweet by the czech prime minister who said send a message to all those who are cheering now that ninety immigrant party has won in
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germany has made these gains in germany and he said look today they are and i'm quoting here the czech prime minister today they are against refugees and they are against the e.u. and tomorrow they will be against czechs and poles and that is very much a concern there in the countries of the east as well. massa's thank you so much. let's get more then. matters arising from germany's election from rachel thousand freud who is an editorial director at the german marshall fund and the summer barber is professor of european studies new delhi is renowned jour holland i really university. and indeed you are welcome both and professor your here is part of an international election observation to which there's some doubt as to whether the election was going to be run properly we would do in academics so we were not looking at like if anything is going to default over here but looking at it from
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where we come from different points and perspectives and get inside of you through that last ten days of the run up and what have you made of what you say. very like good discussions. go out we met a range of experts policy makers as we went up to. the program of these just like on the street you know going up to a large campaign and that was that was you know your research but watching the election itself and and the results what if you made a verse i think you saw the division in german condemn people attacks get played out and i think the turn to the right is a question mark on about is it done in german politics about the values and the ideas the journey stands for after forty nine. breena racial tension from the. point. argument you think this this this what does this tell us about germany's
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values. i'm not sure that we can say that it's a real shift in the values i think maybe it's more that the kind of really open progressive global values that we've seen from chancellor merkel there was this other voice in germany that did feel her and i don't think it's a shift so much as some kind of silent voice that's now. rather prominent ok so this result remains that way way have the workers part of the c.d.u. still the biggest party in the german bundesliga but with a reduced number of seats do you see this in any way as reducing her own thorazine and here in germany. i would say certainly i mean if you compare it to the last election this is a huge loss in her role and you could see it as a as a win having gone through what she went through to get reelected after that is is pretty miraculous nonetheless. she stands now with some pretty daunting challenges
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in terms of forming a coalition. and really being able to drive politics. i'm . sitting here in germany for you think the jury's at the center of everything but anywhere you want new perspective to europe and germany is that the number one economic driver is a big exporter how. much to german politics how important how much to what how sizeable are they when it comes to the indian perspective is india bothered what's going on here in germany as it not only india but everybody's bothered about what's happening in germany in particular because we have very good economic relations with germany is one of our top treating but most of the prime ministers have recently met so i think having merkel you know back in the chancellor seat will be seen as a continued. policy for india and germany and for other countries in europe if i
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should take a little bit more out of you to your being politics then i think the big trend was how much is the shift to right going to be stopped and germany was very crucial to that you know done to the right i mean we've got less than a minute left on this so i just want to try and ask this question to you we've seen across europe and indeed the united states is this rise of populism as has the same thing been seen across asia we have seen a shift to the right in varying degrees i think around the world and an issue also and i would think part of it is the response to globalisation and the unpredictability it has brought that it is allowed many topics and themes are off bounds and to bulls to be opened up ok professor some of brother rachel carson front thank you very much for now for more of our special coverage of germany's election how it's already started to change the country's political landscape visit our website d.w.
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dot com you'll find more analysis on how and where the far right after he picked up their votes what issues motivated voters and what will shape the upcoming coalition talks. this is de w.'s life from baghdad still to come quick off the troll political cartoonist react to the german elections will take a look at some of the shot doing the rounds today but they don't use kill to editor . i will have more of the day set world news and of course the voice of a masses arising from the today said election and i'm not going to hear on the t.v. just. one special after the german bundesliga election journalists discuss the election twenty seven germany has voted. how should we interpret the election
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results what do they mean for the european union. after the german election international really. looking for action artistry. edge of the seat drama. joy jubilation. we've got it all. just highlights. hijacking the news. where i come from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black
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and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get me. on that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirrors it's not just about being fair and balanced or being neutral it's about being truly. funny was pretty god and i want to deal with. this data when you fly from by the top story this hour i'm going to moscow has to germany's political parties to help or form a stable government lacking a majority as is usually the case of german politics america's conservatives will
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have seen talks with the social democrats they have rolled out entering another coalition of a.c.v. you would also stop talks with a pro-business free democrats and the greens. here that is a reminder of how germany's election night unfolded and we'll get also some views on the outcome the morning after the election the newspapers wrote of a tectonic shift and a nationalist backlash some call the results bitter this man says the outcome didn't surprise him but he still aghast. the f.t. is the third strongest party that says it all. still he doesn't believe that all the people who voted for the f.t. are actually far right. as. i think the f.t. got its voters because the conservatives and the s.p.d. were so bad. the majority of people on the street doesn't seem to be happy with the outcome of the election either. the big parties didn't get the job done and now the
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f.t. will be able to puff out their chests. to tell you the truth i'm not disappointed i'm interested in how they plan to put their ideas into action. no but if i think that these four years will show which of those promises they can keep and which are just words. and that's a good thing this is as well and it's a catastrophe shocking horrible the evening before joy and despair for germany's conservatives they lost significant support this time around the chancellor angela merkel will still serve a fourth term she says she'd wished for a better result but she will still get to form a new government this isn't like the c.d.u. and c.s.u. have emerged as the strongest party as we have the mandate to form a government and no one will form one against us. thank you the social democrats are in shock after the worst ever result of the so-called shorts effect
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a bump in the polls when the party leader martin songs was named candidate disappeared he has ruled out joining the new government but says he won't step down as party chair. but i've advised the s.p.d. leadership to go into the opposition. in syria. soon words oh you me. we're all united in our decision to take this step. with the studio the only possible coalition for the c.d.u. is with the pro-business f.d.p. and the environmentalists greens. one party that they won't do any deals with is the far right alternative for germany or a.f.d. they had a historic night that saw them enter parliament for the first time. because that's what i'm very satisfied with the results because i hope this country will see some changes and big surprises about it. but it remains to be seen how the a.f.p.
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will cope with the day to day business of the german parliament. a bruising night then for i'm going to merkel center right c.d.u. still the biggest party in the bundestag but with a reduced number of m.p.'s defense minister ursula from the land spoke to d.w. earlier and gave her view of this disappointing when. yes absolutely minister fundal line now the world is watching looking at germany i'm going back to well once again be the german chancellor but this no doubt is a slap in the face by the german voters what did you get wrong well i think this is not a good result and we certainly have done mistakes but if we would have known about the mistakes earlier we would have gotten rid of them so we need a thorough analysis right now but one thing is clear we do have a mandate and we will take care of this mandate does not mandate points quite clear
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does quite clearly point towards the so-called the mike a coalition that would include the free democrats we heard its leader and talk conduct christiane live during this election campaign basically to declare crimea pretty much of a territory that is beyond reprieve for ukraine how are you going to find a common line with a party like that there are many many topics where we do have a common law and as far as i understood the debate around christian does remarks he pulled back immediately and for us it's very clear that international laws and international right is important for us and annexation of crimea is inacceptable. and we have a very clear position on that but there are many topics of course we will have to debate with the greens with the liberals at the moment being the social democrats refused to talk but the door will be open because i think it's a good democratic tradition first of all to talk with everybody to speak with
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everybody because we need a stable government and at first it is the concern for the country and after that you can have a concern for the party now what did your party gets wrong in respect of reaching those voters that have now moved over to the i'll turn to for germany the right wing a f.t.p. . if you lost a million voters to two remarks on that yes we lost a million voters to the a.f.d. by the extreme left and the social democrats together last also a million voters and if you look at the motives of those voters of a of the vast majority did not vote for the f.t. because of their context their positions but because they wanted to teach us the other party's a lessons and the second remark is we should not underestimate a second point yes we lost the last one million to the f.t.
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the far right but we also lost one point three million so more voters to the liberals and that's where our competence is and that's the topics we have to focus on these are the hard working families these are people who care about topics like digitalization or education and that's where we have to focus on do you expect that under this in these new conditions or for me a coalition that the relationship of germany to the united states for instance could change. well i am convinced that america will be the chancellor for the fourth term and you know her she's very reliable and therefore we all know that we have a deed found that friendship to the united states this is so all that foundation of zillions of relationship between our both countries and i have no doubt that this friendship will go on to have a defense minister was often aligned thank you very much for talking to us thank
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you and with that back to the studio. that was we had our reporting let's get a view that from your a perfectly blomberg co-chairs the european greens in the european parliament joins us from brussels welcome to day doubly what do you make of this outcome. that afternoon. well first that maybe a window of opportunity is close for europe i heard many voices saying that we should wait until the year the german election to make the difficult decisions to ensure the viability of the euro but now we discover well or some discover that actually did majority of the pro european majority in the buddhist i guess showing rather than grown and if chancellor merkel had had the courage to propose and press for the needed reforms in a previous term we might have had these reforms in place but well she chose to wait and to date her and the result is that maybe not maybe the reforms will be much
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more difficult in the current term so that's the first lesson i draw the second is that yes indeed if the social democrats backtracked from any coalition any grand coalition then it would seem that the only possible correlation is a coalition but as you can realise the greens and the liberals are probably the most opposed on key issues such as social and economic policy the green transition foreign policy and migration so reconciling these two with the c.d.u. will prove to be a very difficult exercise so yes. minister from the lion is right we should talk with all the party the democratic parties but then we need to see whether a coherent coalition can be built to support germany for in to the next term and. option is certainly not the easiest one and you've been quite critical of germany's
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finance minister wolfgang schauble in the past and i wonder if you you might well wish him back if his position ends up being taken up by the f d p no absolutely not . well know well what i think you said basically the views of. pretty well a cold divide by the of the piece so i see quite a few do while not many differences between him and the of the piece so he's on the on of all the line that would like us to believe that you can have a monetary union without financial solidarity between monetary union members and that is simply a practical impossibility so rules are not enough if you really want to do monetary union to hold over the long term you need financial solidarity and of course there's no solidarity without responsibility of course but you need that solidarity and basically that's what germany is germany has been a customs union as being a monetary union long before the euro and there are very strong financial fully
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directly links between the sixteen german lender and that's fact of life we have to recognize that we need something similar between the euro zone member state. philly per lambertson the european parliament building and thank you so much for joining the w. this is indeed that v.w. news live from us where you pick through the results of yesterday's election here in germany let's return to the election success of a far right alternative for germany the bombshell dropped by one of the party's leaders fucker petrie that she intends to serve independently of the parliamentary group a stunt a social media uses in germany let's get more from our social media editor karl naslund and welcome so tell us more than about the reaction online from the party faithful. yeah i mean you said this was really a big surprise for many people frog apache one of the most recognizable faces of
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the a.f.d. and she was one of just three at the politicians who were directly elected to parliament last night a parent lea after she kind of walked out of this press conference she actually logged on to facebook and that's where she posted this message to try to get more of her viewers views out this is quite a long message we don't have time to show you the whole thing but she's saying that she is leaving the party and explaining why she made that decision in part she writes that the a.f.d. has wandered from being a goal oriented party to a seething cauldron an anarchist party acting as the opposition rather than offering voters a realistic chance to soon take over governing her announcement took many of her supporters really by surprise a lot of emotion here these are some of the comments on that post and they say if you told us before the election i would not have chosen you mrs petrie what you deliver is the bottom drawer and a deception to their voters others who were really just quite angry about this
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announcement we have another supporter here who writes that she was elected with a direct mandate but she's long planned her departure patria has deceived her own voters her support she does have some support though for her decision one writes here bold and understandable decision and i wish you all the best now apparently after page three we're even hearing rumors that four more a.f.d. politicians this time in the state parliaments in germany have also now decided to leave the a.f.d. to start their own party so maybe the patriots just kind of the tip of an iceberg maybe a fracturing party already here in germany i haven't been that's it ten minutes i'm going in the blues top ten that is not only day off in different directions they did however take thirteen percent of the votes what's been their reaction on line to that level of success. yeah you know if they took about thirteen percent of the vote then of course that means that eighty seven percent of germany did not vote
4:44 pm
for the a.f.d. and it was a an emotional night for many of those voters last night and in fact a lot of them took to the streets but they also went on the social media using a hash tag called eighty seven percent to discuss the rise of this far right party and this was really a big trending topic on twitter last night and we just have some of the comments of of people here many of them really just wanting to point out to the world that haiti not all germans voted for the f.t. one saying i'm proud of the eighty seven percent and very happy to be one of them and other voters really just just trying to say how should we react to this one saying we shouldn't react with fear but with more solidarity of just part of the fallout from the vote last night perhaps some group therapy here on social media. thank you so much so what's the world i mean the germany is waiting for is for this coalition to happen all this political uncertainty in the country has financial traders on edge been physical and possible here will germany is usually
4:45 pm
an island of stability and there is some continuity following the elections with chancellor angela merkel holding onto her job as the world's most powerful woman but she now faces the tough task of building a coalition government that could take awhile the euro and german bond yields a sliding in response germany's dax is holding on to some slight gates. like the rest of the country germany's business community is trying to digest the election outcome further down the road it could have to contend with a coalition between the conservatives liberals and environmentalists the conservative c.d.u. and the liberal f.d.p. are both traditionally pro-business but the greens are much more critical for now however business leaders are still wary over the coalition talks themselves and how challenging they're set to be regardless of the outcome but once it's guns and you know it's important for us and irrespective of the party politics is that it
4:46 pm
doesn't take too long to come through the coalition talks they'll be very difficult negotiations but they have to agree on a forward looking program so that businesses are aware which conditions will apply in the future and that will be crucial. in charge and it helps that the country is operating from a position of strength record employment booming exports and healthy consumption are fueling german growth but the country has lagged behind in many areas like digitization and infrastructure spending german industry wants to see this changed and the upcoming electoral term. the business community is sending its own kind of coalition agreement for investments with three focal points investing in education in modern infrastructure and in spaces her entrepreneurialism activity. the country lives off ideas and the work of businesses and their entrepreneurs' those are resources. and.
4:47 pm
analysts and to support that the economy will show up slightly weaker in the third quarter concerned over a protracted effort to build a government is one factor but overall twenty seventeen is expected to be a good year a positive forecast may help business stay optimistic. let's talk about this with andrea hang our financial correspondent in singapore comrade booth and also joins us from frankfurt address starting with you for international investors merkel remains chancellor how do they perceive that well then that that news is showing for the rest of the world here but in fact it is sending some ways of what was such a political deal only in germany this is going to stand down we'll call it add ons planned for the integrity of the euro zone which will enable the effect asia as well and we also know that mccoy does not like the f.t.p. the f.t.p.
4:48 pm
could form a coalition with the government conrad how long could it take to form such a coalition where most analysts here in germany financial center frankfurt are convinced that it's going to be but growing to take much longer than last time in twenty thirty even anglo-american form the last grand coalition with the social democrats it took three months now we've got three parties involved and especially the greens and the liberal democrats have very much to send in many regards mostly the euro the liberal democrats are not friends of further and stronger integration of the european union they don't like the idea of a common e.u. budget they don't like the idea of a common finance minister for the eurozone and. this uncertainty is reflected on the markets today the euro dollar exchange rate slumped overnight it's now
4:49 pm
trading about one cent lower than before the weekend the euro fell below one dollar ninety mm again i don't know the issue of a finance minister for the eurozone that's exactly why. does not get along with the f.t.p. tell me what to the greens in the f.t.p. if they're going to work within a coalition have in common. well innovation is a word that both parties use a lot it's very unlikely that the two will descend on you know questions like further. further building broadband technology here in germany or whether it comes to support to electric mobility also what both parties understand is that education is very important and that globalisation is rather an opportunity for a country like germany instead of being a risk of course the question is where they think this opportunity can be exploited
4:50 pm
in detail and drive back to you what would economists like to see in terms of policy from where you are that's a great question ben. a lot of the time so what would a lot of economists are looking for is stability of course and especially now that the far right is in that in germany in german parliament how it's going to say foreign policy i was going to say cannot be a policy i was going to happen when. the ripple hit central banks across the rest of the wanted to kill me in asia and the developing markets also these are all the things that are weighing on these economists and not just them but everyone else is mines in the financial markets in asia right now and raining there for us in singapore and contribution in frankfurt thank you to both of you for your analysis well in residents voted on sunday to keep the german capital's table airport open even after the completion of
4:51 pm
a new international hub fifty six percent of voters said yes in the non-binding with random the city currently plans to close table six months after the opening of bergen brandenburg international airport a grand project plagued by repeated construction and planning problems that still has no fixed opening date taken supporters say even when complete the new airport would be too small to make passenger demand. back to phil now with a recap of the results of germany's elections that thank you this is the day w.'s a special coverage of the german election and the changes it's already cause and the political landscape i'm going to merkel well the remain chancellor and her party the seaview suffered heavy losses historic losses for the social democrats as well their leader martin shots are all about forming a new governing coalition with conservatives for now at least meets the chancellor will have to try and forge a coalition with the pro-business free democrats and the greens but the elections biggest prize is the games are won by the workers become germany's third largest
4:52 pm
political folks. so let's find out how the world of culture and the arts is reacting to all this kind of homestead the talk of the through to welcome what is the mood that oppose the artists well rather sober or indeed as many can probably imagine but as you know you can always count on artists to stick their finger in the wound and and perhaps even exploit the dark side of things for all the humor it's worth so cartoonists have been very active let's have a look at some cartoons from all over the world that came out right after the election results this one needs no caption with the populist a.f.d. towering over the higher place finishers on the podium and that's reflecting a general criticism of the media that they felt focused too much there is and get americal as the princess on the f.d.p. with the caption more than just a peon here's a really dark one where she's plucking a well known mustache satirizing her we can to position then on
4:53 pm
a really songbird note this result this implies just how it must feel this kind of result for the jewish community in germany many of whom are here in berlin and many of whom are very young so an ominous note there and we were of course out and about last night and a number of events where members of the cultural community were gathering to watch the results as they came in and one of them was that the maxine gorky theater that's a very progressive very political young feeder and the news there caused one group to react in quite an unusual way. performers from the talking straight group interrupted the performers to allow discussion of what they saw as a dramatic election results. his own wake up call this is a kind of wake up call because it has become reality and. i'm surprised shocked and don't really know how to deal with it damn it. the premiere on the main stage at
4:54 pm
the maxim gokey theater however went ahead. no it was a bit expected and was a shock because you hope for a different outcome. and so now we have our own little trumps but that's ok he's failing as well. all over berlin the city's creative class followed the results with interest and some concern. this. is so horrible i feel sick and i'm afraid to tell it's like my mind. but perhaps our snow has a special responsibility. as a quick thinking. in bad times culture is there to be a home for people who are unhappy and think differently. and where the discussion is over some of the performance and the audience went off to join a spontaneous demonstration. so. is it really
4:55 pm
that this is result really that dramatic in practical terms that the f.t. in parliament does not mean a downsizing for cultural you know in the state of saxony where there became the strongest party and it could definitely have an influence there but of course we can only speculate on that for now at the federal level i don't believe so because . despite all of the shock the widespread reaction there are a lot of of pragmatic reaction fifty is just one of six parties it's the only one that favors this return to what they what they're calling a german light in terms of a national cultural identity all of the other parties put the accent on. versity two or three of those will actually be forming a coalition the f.d.a. will not be included so they are putting the accent of cultures as a means of understanding as a means of integration education and obviously i think it's a fundamental value for democracy so as the dust settles i'm i'm thinking from what
4:56 pm
we're hearing now and we can't see anymore right now but what we're hearing now. there will be a lot of cut off to use for culture tuned to really engage your own hopefully work against these troubling currents definitely help set thank you just time to not give your closing out headline angela merkel has a political process that they have to tell them that they need to work together in order to help build a coalition will have a full update for you at the top of the hour and to be talking forces always a website that state w dot com have a good. quadriga
4:57 pm
special after the german born to stop the lecture. journalists discuss the election twenty seven germany has voted. how should we interpret the election results
4:58 pm
what do they mean for the european union. after the german election international from berlin. hash tag germany decides what is your take on the whole position regarding not only climate change. germany has voted we answered your questions. you put it. past d w your questions about germany. and america they were a lot of fun to. write to us on facebook will answer your questions. germany decides the election in germany a historic turning point big losses for the two main parties. for the far right
4:59 pm
angle america remains chancellor but forming a government will be easy. what is the result for germany german elections the day after in the news on d w. on the vast steps of central asia and expect dition in search of an ancient denizen of kazakhstan the saigon antelope. a year ago scientists found evidence of a mysterious catastrophe what killed so many of them and are those that are alive endangered . psychos in distress find out more in our interactive internet documentary at d w dot com site us. go to the battle w. we speak your language our spanish program on your journey. home which will inform doesn't put much and i can go to own ways close to the action by the novel by
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makoto the folk at a wonderful like you can get to that up to the minute news and opinions of the background to political developments. in the d.w.p. we bring you more of the lawyer for. the state of the news coming soon live from berlin on the americal begins the tough task of building a government despite suffering historic losses she says all parties have a responsibility the four must be able to coalition officials they define the partners as.


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